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Love Letters

Love Letters is a series of 12 mono-prints inspired by love expressed through good old fashioned snail mail. At USAF (United States Air Force) basic training the Airmen are not allowed to have cell phones for the entire 8 weeks expect for rare occasions for brief phone calls home. When my boyfriend went I wrote him a letter every day of the whole 8 week training and he wrote back when he had the time. This is a series inspired by that experience. There is a special feeling that connecting with someone you love through a letter that is very unique. These prints are meant to give the viewer a taste of that feeling I got when writing my letters through the language of flowers. The red roses say "I love you". The red carnations say "my heart aches". The fern represents the bonds of love. The Purple heliotropes stand for devotion and eternal love. The red salvia, or scarlet sage says "forever mine". The orange wallflower represents faithfulness in adversity. The white yarrow represents everlasting love. All together these flowers in the different combinations and composition represent the sentiment behind the letters that I wrote every day for those 8 weeks.

2018, Mono-print on Rives BFK, 8"x10"
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