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Candy Bombers

Candy Bombers is inspired by a true event in history. A lot of people try to concentrate on only the bad in bad situations but fail to see the goodness in humanity that comes out in those situations as well. This is a piece celebrating good people doing good things in reaction to horrible situations around them. The Candy Bombers were a part of the Berlin Air Lift. In an effort to raise the spirits of children in the post World War II world of Berlin while doing his duty as part of the Berlin Air Lift pilot Gail Halvorsen would drop airdrops of candy to the children of the city. He would wiggle the wing of his plane to let them know it was the plane that was going to drop candy to them. Over time he got his colleagues  to join in and they all helped to brighten the days of the children in 1948 Berlin. We all need to look for ways to brighten the days of the people around us and Gail Halvorsen is a prime example of something simple and selfless can have a huge impact on making peoples lives better. 

2018, Linoleum Cut and Watercolor on Rives BFK, 12"x18"
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