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Learning Digitally

To begin my research, I looked up information defining the terms and what exactly students were and weren’t getting through online education. After finding this information I researched the impact these situations had on the students and their families. On top of this I talked to my brother, a current High School senior, about his experiences with the transfer to online learning as a student at a public school with an IEP. He described to me the emotions that he felt in relation to his current school situation: lost, confused, frustrated, isolated.  I all this information to inform the subjects of each of my prints. When starting this series for monoprints I thought about how hard it is to show emotions. I thought abstract expression was the best approach I could use to get the pieces to express the specific emotions I was trying to. I started with on color on the sheet of acetate and added marks until it felt like the piece was telling me to start with a different color. I let the art talk to me as I went to help it be as true as possible to the emotions I was trying to pin down. The impact I hope to have through this series of prints is to create awareness about the impacts on the metal health of students that is shift to online learning has had and to help people understand the frustrations of students that, in some cases, are not able to be provided the tools they need to succeed in school.

2021, Mono-print, 9"x15"
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